About Me

Hello my name is Paul Morand. I have created a simple way of teaching guitar from years of perfecting my own method of play. I realized the most important part of my learning curve was that I wanted to know how to play a few songs right away. This is what I will try to do for you ,get you playing quickly and see what else falls in place. Everyone’s adventure in learning the guitar differs. Let me start you down your own unique path!

Guitar Teaching

Learn a song first and feel the joy and sense of accomplishment it will bring you. Learn how to read music and open up a new world.

Instrument Selection

Let me help you find the right guitar. Rent one first to see if playing the guitar is something you can stick with. Let me set up a guitar you might already have.

Let me help you

Lets face it who doesn’t want to be a rock star. Let me at least make you the life of the party with your tune playing skills.

Talk to us

Have any questions? I  always open to talk about your desire to learn guitar and how I can help you to achieve that goal.